+ + + The next workshop "MULTIMODAL CORPORA 2018: Multimodal Data in the Online World" will take place at LREC 2018, 7 May, Phoenix Seagaia Conference Center, Miyazaki, Japan.

Multimodal Corpora

A Multimodal Corpus targets the recording and annotation of several communication modalities such as speech, hand gesture, facial expression, body posture, etc.

International Workshop Series

A series of workshops at LREC 2000-2010 and ICMI 2011 have addressed this highly interdisciplinary topic, complemented by print publications (see below). There is an increasing interest in multimodal communication and multimodal corpora as visible by European Networks of Excellence and integarted projects such as HUMAINE, SIMILAR, CHIL, AMI, CALLAS. Furthermore, the success of recent conferences and workshops dedicated to multimodal communication (ICMI, IVA, Gesture, PIT, Nordic Symposia on Multimodal Communication, Embodied Language Processing) and the creation of the Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces also testifies to the growing interest in this area, and the general need for data on multimodal behaviours.

This website documents the results of previous workshops, announces similar future events and serves as a general starting point for researchers interested in multimodal resources and tools.

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Previous workshops have resulted in a special issue of the Journal of Language Resources and Evaluation (2007) and a state-of-the-art book Multimodal Corpora: From Models of Natural Interaction to Systems and Applications (2009). Both publications include extended and revised versions of workshop contributions.